Funds-Axis is an Investment Management RegTECH (Regulatory Technology) Software company, with a unique combination of regulatory expertise and best-of-breed technology. We are taking the complex challenges with risk, compliance and regulatory reporting and are making them very simple.

For investment managers and depositaries having to comply with increasing demands for investment compliance, risk and regulatory reporting, our solutions enable you to quickly meet the regulatory requirements without the need for costly implementations and risky projects.

We help you to meet your regulatory obligations at a lower cost, lower risk and in a shorter time-frame compared to our competitors or if you develop an in-house solution.

We also provide fully managed outsourcing services, from our Belfast operations hub, which enables you to quickly transform your internal cost base.

To find out more about the products or services provided by Funds-Axis then please contact us on +44(0)28 9032 9736 or info@funds-axis.com.



UCITS Investment Rules Compliance Monitoring Software

UCITS Investment Compliance

Our technology provides instant compliance with the UCITS rules as well as other regulatory rules (Non-UCITS rules, US 1940 Act, Canadian Mutual Fund rules etc).

Automated Shareholder Disclosure Monitoring Software

Shareholder Disclosure Monitoring

Funds-Axis Shareholder Disclosures provides automated monitoring of global shareholder disclosure rules across 80+ countries on a single platform.

Depositary Cash Flow Monitoring Software

Depositary Cash Flow Monitoring

Our technology supports depositary cash flow monitoring ensuring compliance with UCITS V and AIFMD.

US 1940 Act Investment Compliance Monitoring Software

US 1940 Act Compliance

We offer out-of-the box coverage of the US 1940 Act Investment Compliance monitoring, in addition to UCITS and many more.
US form 13F Reporting Software

13F Reporting

Our 13F solution is available as a stand-alone service or as part of a comprehensive suite of solutions.
UCITS Value-At-Risk Analysis Software

UCITS Value-at-Risk Analysis

We have teamed with Statpro to make available best of breed Value-at-Risk Analysis available to our clients.

AIFMD Annex IV Reporting XML Software

AIFMD Annex IV Reporting

Our AIFMD Annex IV Reporting XML Software enables organisations to rapidly comply with the AIFMD requirements in respect of leverage, liquidity, risk and regulatory reporting.
s 793 Reporting Software

s. 793 Reporting

With our s. 793 Reporting Software Funds-Axis enables you to quickly respond to s. 793 Reporting requests by simply selecting the date and issuer and seeing a detailed analysis of all holdings

AuditComply Investment Management RegTech

AuditComply RegTech

Our AuditComply Investment Management RegTech solution provides best practice for your compliance requirements ensuring greater control, better insights and management of your auditing process.
FCA UCITS Derivatives Use Reporting Software

FCA Derivatives Use Reporting

We offer a fully automated solution in addition to a simple excel to xml conversion solution to ensure compliance with FCA Derivatives Use Reporting

Open Protocol Reporting Software

Open Protocol Reporting

On request, we are able to provide a full Open Protocol reporting service, including all necessary risk calculations, data enrichment, data aggregation and population of the Open Protocol templates.
Our Data Integrations

Our Data Integrations

We have integrations in place with a wide range of Fund Administrators, Prime Brokers and security data vendors.


Funds-Axis provide investment compliance, risk, regulatory reporting and shareholder disclosures technology to the asset management industry. Our solutions are available either as implemented technology or as a fully managed outsourced service tailored to your specific requirements.




The solutions are available on a single subscription, enterprise-wide basis. To see how we can reduce your costs of compliance, please CONTACT US for a demo or a free trial.


We are a small and growing team of smart, friendly people. We have a growing list of global clients and we work very hard to deliver outstanding products and service to them. We are taking complex regulatory and compliance challenges and making them very simple.