Key Features

Our solutions perform all the relevant calculations, automatically apply all the relevant data taxonomies and enable one-click generation of the required regulatory reports.
1 Data collection and aggregation

Data collection and aggregation

2 Data enrichment and transformation

Data enrichment and transformation

3 Secure data maintenance for all manager and fund data

Secure data maintenance for all manager and fund data

4 All calculations are performed within the solution including for exposure and liquidity

All calculations are performed, including for exposure and liquidity

5 Full audit trail and history

Full audit trail and history

6 Flexible data upload formats

Flexible data upload formats

7 XML report generation

XML report generation

8 Integrated with leading Administrators

Integrations with leading Administrators

Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Funds-Axis supports a broad range of global regulatory reporting requirements.

We enable organisations to rapidly comply with these regulations, without the need to develop costly in-house solutions. The cost of compliance is significantly reduced through plug-and-play functionality, integrated data availability, automated report production and through availability as a hosted software as a service solution.

How it works:

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    Holdings, trades and other data is captured once and re-used for all reporting;
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    Data is enriched with security and market data;
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    Data taxonomies are applied, consistent with regulatory requirements;
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    All calculations are performed in the system (exposure, liquidity etc); and
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    Regulatory compliance reports are available at the click of a button.

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Managed Services

We provide a full managed service in respect of all regulatory reporting. Our regulatory team have extensive knowledge of the global regulation and experience of filing to the different regulators.

Data Operations

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    Data File Preparation
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    Data Uploads
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    Data Quality Management
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    Data Enrichment
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    Data Validation

Validation, Testing and Submission

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    Dashboard Report Management
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    Governance Checks & Audit Trail for Control
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    Validation of all Calculations
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    XML Testing
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    Submission to Regulators

Regulatory Reporting Insights

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