Key Features

1 NAV vs Official NAV

Beautiful Design

There are many beautiful ready-to-use factsheet templates available that will get you going in no time.

5 FX Rates Testing

Custom Layout and Branding

None of our standard templates suits your needs? We’ll be happy to prepare a unique layout and design for your report.

3 Share Class Price Movement

Comprehensive Statistics

Automated calculation of a wide range of fund performance and risk calculations, including SRRI.

5 Data integrations with 30 admins and prime brokers

Interactive Charts

No more boring numbers. With our dynamic charts, you can easily create powerful visuals to assist in telling your data’s story.

7 Accruals Testing

Web Widgets

The widgets provide you with additional functionality for your website while we deal with all the development.

3 Secure data maintenance for all manager and fund data

Full API

Want to use your data in other applications? Our API which gives you full access to all your data, calculations, statistics and charts. You can then include it on any part of your website or other applications.

Data Connectivity

Automate fund factsheet production through direct connectivity to your source data, file transfer and batch data uploads.
Funds-Axis Data Connectivity

Regulatory Insights

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