Top 5 Foreign Investment Developments - November 2020

Top 5 Foreign Investment Developments: November 2020

Foreign investment and sensitive sectors regimes enable government across the world to scrutinise foreign shareholders investing in sectors considered sensitive in the particular jurisdiction. We have seen the number of regimes significantly increase and scrutiny intensify throughout 2020. November, however, appears to have been a bumper month in terms of foreign investment developments tracked by our Regulatory Research Team. Below we highlight the top 5 shareholder disclosure FI developments we tracked through November.

Funds-Axis Regulatory Round-up April 2020

Regulatory Round-up: April 2020

With over 100 developments tracked in the last month on ATLAS Funds Training, unsurprisingly COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines. This month’s briefing covers the latest developments impacting asset managers, including: PRIIPs back in the spotlight with the EU divided over further reforms, Liquidity risk management, The renewal of short selling bans despite growing scepticism, The French AMF issuing fines, unhappy with the quality of AIFM reporting systems and considering proposals to reduce major shareholding thresholds, and The SEC’s proposed new framework for valuation practices.