s.793 Reporting Software

With a full history of all holdings, we enable you to quickly respond to s. 793 requests with our s. 793 reporting software.

Simply select the date and issuer (or relevant instruments) to see a detailed analysis of all holdings in relevant instruments.

Overview of S. 793 Requests

S. 793 Companies Act 2006 (“the Act”) gives a public company the right to require anyone who is, or might be, “interested” in its shares to answer written questions about the nature of that interest. It is usually used by companies who wish to track unusual movements in their register, typically in the context of a possible stake building exercise or takeover, but also to explain unexpected share movement or simply as part of a routine review.

A failure to respond to a s.793 request enables the company to “block” the shares in question, preventing the shareholder from voting or transferring its shares.

Key Features

Our automated shareholder disclosure monitoring software provides automated monitoring of global shareholder disclosure rules across 80+ countries on a single platform.

Comprehensive rules engine


Pre-configured package of disclosure rules


Decomposition of indices and baskets


Available as Technology-only or as a Managed Service


Early warning thresholds


Aggregation at multiple levels


Single click report generation


Full disclosure workflow

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