Takeover Dealing Disclosures Monitoring Software

A number of jurisdictions have in place enhanced disclosures rules for shareholders of issuers involved in a takeover. During an offer period, any party who may exercise material influence over the outcome of an offer must report their positions and dealings in relevant securities (target and acquirer companies).

Our solution provides fully automated monitoring of Takeover Dealing Disclosures for 15 countries. We provide all the data of target companies and acquirers currently in an offer period in jurisdictions where there are heightened takeover disclosure rules.

Our automated takeover monitoring solution allows firms to effectively track and identify holdings in issuers subject to potential reporting obligations.

Key Features

Our automated shareholder disclosure monitoring software provides automated monitoring of global shareholder disclosure rules across 80+ countries on a single platform.

Comprehensive rules engine


Pre-configured package of disclosure rules


Decomposition of indices and baskets


Available as Technology-only or as a Managed Service


Early warning thresholds


Aggregation at multiple levels


Single click report generation


Full disclosure workflow

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