Japan’s FEFTA Pre-Notification Requirements FAQs

Japan’s FEFTA Pre-Notification Requirements FAQs

In 2020, Japan tightened foreign investment rules with the amendments to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (FEFTA). When the amendment entered into force on 7th June 2020, it expanded the scope of foreign investment reviews, lowered the threshold for screening the purchase of listed companies’ shares to acquisitions at 1 percent or more, and introduced a new prior notification exemption scheme for share acquisitions.

Foreign Investment Restrictions On The Rise

Foreign Investment Restrictions on the Rise

Liquidity risk was amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic with regulators introducing a number of initiatives to mitigate the corresponding risk. However, it’s not the only area which has seen increased attention as a result of COVID-19. As summarised below, despite the G20 commitment to “support global trade and investment” during the pandemic, foreign investment restrictions have been on the rise.

Funds-Axis Regulatory Round-up May 2020

Regulatory Round-up: May 2020

This month’s regulatory round-up, pulls together some of the interesting regulatory developments we have tracked throughout May. It’s no surprise that liquidity continues to dominate the headlines with the CSSF launching the IFM notifications on fund issues and large redemptions, EU Member States publishing their intentions regarding the Money Market Fund Stress Tests, and the ESRB making recommendations regarding liquidity risk in investment funds.